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Check in with yourself

The benefits of mindfulness

Rushing from moment to moment with a constant flow of external stimulus can mean that we easily lose touch with our emotions and our stress levels. A regular check-in is a great way to anchor yourself back in the present moment. Checking in with yourself is a simple way to keep a check on stress […]

6 Ways to Embrace Winter Wellbeing

Just as nature slows down and goes into hibernation, humans also have a natural inclination to turn inward and conserve energy during this time. Winter is the ideal time to rest and recharge to prioritize rest and replenish energy levels and focus more on introspection. This can be challenging in the modern world – however […]

8 Tips to Successfully Introduce Yoga at Work

Making holistic wellness part of the company’s culture often requires some creativity and commitment, yoga helps mental and physical health and wellbeing. Here’s how to introduce it.