Getting Started

What The Classes Involve

    • Yoga classes are designed for everyBODY regardless of flexibility, fitness levels, gender, age – there are options for complete beginners and also for experienced yoga practitioners.
    • We provide a service that reduces stress, strengthens bodies, restores energy levels, aids relaxation and provides a fun & enjoyable experience for everybody.
    • A typical yoga class would involve some breathing exercises, a physical warm up including yoga postures (asanas), movement and stretches and some relaxation/meditation.
    • Classes are tailored to each company’s individual requirements.
    • This can vary from physically challenging to nurturing and restorative; calming and passive to invigorating and strong or with a focus on meditation and mindfulness – or a combination of the above.
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    Download: What is Yoga?


What You Need

  • Yoga mats

    • No previous knowledge of yoga is required and classes are tailored to suit all fitness levels and abilities.
    • Each person will need comfortable clothing and a willing attitude.
    • Bring your own yoga mat or mats are available for hire.
    • Please speak with us prior to class if you have any health conditions or injuries or if you have any specific questions.
    • We provide a free consultation to discuss and identify your needs and offer yoga to suit your desired outcomes and employees demographic.
    • We provide yoga to suit all locations – boardroom, lunchroom, spare office, gym or even a local park – we will help you to create a space in your workplace.

What We Provide

    • An initial consultation to identify your needs and ensure we are providing a class to suit your desired outcomes.
    • A fully qualified yoga teacher or choice of several yoga teachers to trial different styles and classes.
    • A range of yoga and mindfulness classes & options – please see Our Services page.
    • We provide yoga to suit all locations – boardroom, lunchroom, spare office, gym or even a local park – we will help you to create a space in your workplace..
    • Posters to put up in your workplace, advice on wellness strategies, questionnaires and feedback for staff to tailor a programme for everybody needs, access for each student to speak with an experienced and qualified teacher.
    • We assist you to increase health and happiness in the workplace and work alongside you to gauge employee feedback and continually tailor classes whilst involving employee participation with posters for your workplace, feedback forms and regular newsletters.
    • Ongoing information for staff to create wellness strategies and provide mindfulness, yoga and meditation techniques to encourage wellness at work.
    • Teachers are available to discuss any specific concerns confidentially with each participant.


  • Your Investment


    • Corporate yoga class fees vary in price for a regular session depending on a number of factors including length of class, time of day and the number of lessons booked.
    • Many companies will pay for the investment in staff, alternatively if you can get a group of colleagues together then yoga classes are a cost effective way for you to organise a class that comes to your workplace.
    • We offer discounts if booking a block of classes or more than one class per week throughout the term.

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