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A cost effective solution to promote health, wellness and
employee engagement at your workplace.

We provide group and private yoga, meditation and
mindfulness sessions at your office and corporate events.


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    Our Services

    We provide a bespoke range of corporate wellness initiatives to suit your organisation’s needs. Including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, massage and nutrition classes and workshops.

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    Getting Started

    Getting started couldn’t be easier. We can come to you before work, after work, or anytime!
    On-site classes adapted to meet the needs of your organisation.

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    About Us

    We firmly believe that a happy and healthy workplace is a productive workplace.

    We are committed to bringing health and wellness to companies of all sizes.

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  • Classes are tailored to each company’s individual requirements.

    We tailor programs for every-BODY!

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  • Benefits of introducing yoga & mindfulness to your organisation:


    • Helps employees manage stress
    • Increases health and reduces absenteeism
    • Improves vitality and energy
    • Reduces pain from injuries
    • Better inter-staff relations
    • Improves staff retention
    • Increases performance and productivity of staff
    • Addresses the long-term health of your staff
    • A powerful way to invest in your employee’s health
    • Eases workplace related injuries eg. RSI, back pain, stress
    • Staff feel valued and morale increases
    • Assists to attract & retain staff


  • Some of the physical benefits:



    • Relieves tension from sitting at a desk too long
    • Improves posture
    • Increases Happiness
    • Develops focus, concentration & memory
    • Boosts immunity
    • Reduces stress
    • Alleviates depression
    • Helps with focus & clarity of thought
    • Assists with better sleep
    • Develops mindful awareness
    • Improves flexibility
    • Builds muscle strength

  • Yoga Australia is the peak body for yoga in Australia.

    This means that teachers have completed in-depth study to offer the highest Australian standard of teaching, a minimum of 250 hours teacher training, plus all are long-term yoga practitioners who are committed to practicing regular yoga, continuing with ongoing study and offering the highest quality classes.


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