About Us

  • Helping you work yoga into your work day.

    We passionately believe that the practice of yoga and mindfulness meditation is the key to a happier, healthier and more focussed workplace.

    The ancient practice of yoga provides the perfect remedy for the often stressful aspects of life we are faced with each day including stress, anxiety, sitting too long, repetitive strain, technology overload and feelings of disconnection.

    In a fast-paced and deadline driven environments; yoga and meditation classes can offer one of the few times you can unplug from technology, free yourself from the distractions around you and reboot your body and mind.

    Our mission is to make yoga accessible to everyBODY.

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About Our Team


  • Debby Lewis – Founder & Yoga/Mindfulness Teacher – Brisbane

    As the daughter of a yoga teacher Debby grew up practicing yoga and this lifelong practice of yoga has been combined with many years working in a high-pressured corporate job.

    Debby’s teaching focus has been applying yoga to meet the challenges that people face in their everyday life and to make yoga accessible to everybody. Utilising her experience within the corporate world to understand the pressures of corporate life and liaising with organisations to help implement workplace wellness strategies to assist with employee engagement in the wellness programmes.

    Combined with a background in teaching in Yoga studios and gyms throughout Brisbane and 20+ years of a regular yoga practice.  Debby completed her  350 hours level 1 Yoga Australia registered teacher training with Yoga Den in Brisbane with the wonderful Kate Pell and Dan Alder and and since this time has started teaching classes in a number of locations in Brisbane.  Debby has learnt from some wonderful yoga teachers who  have been a huge influence on Debby’s yoga style and provided some wonderful knowledge to draw from including practicing Iyengar yoga for several  years at Yoga West in Bristol and vinyasa flow with Synergy Yoga in Sydney and continuing to practice with and learn from a number of talented teachers.

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  • Kate Robertson – Yoga & Mindfulness – Sydney

    Kate has worked in the corporate world for the past 12 years and has discovered that yoga is a beautiful and potent opportunity to integrate feelings of stillness, peace and support into a busy, corporate life.

    Since Kate’s discovery of yoga she realised it is the one place that her world felt peaceful. Under the guidance of her inspirational teachers, enthusiasm for yoga flourished and she began her teacher training journey with Sukha Mukha in 2014. Believing all people and situations in our lives are opportunities for self-realisation, the initial intent to deepen her personal practice grew into the desire to support others unraveling their own unique relationship with yoga.

    With an active curiosity of the human condition, Kate finds solace, and also fascination in the body-mind connection and how the return to our true selves is a comfort so many of us seek. She hopes her Hatha Vinyasa classes offer independence for students to really feel what serves them best and encourage exploration of their individual experience and provide a reminder that we are enough as we are.

  • Ally Godwin – Yoga & Meditation – Brisbane

    Ally’s practice of yoga is influenced by the Hatha, Iyengar, Asthanga/Vinyasa and lately Viniypga traditions of yoga; Non-Dualist, Buddhist & Taoist approaches to meditation and life and well as a long enjoyed love affair with practicing and teaching Restorative yoga & more recently Yin and Yoga Therapy perspectives.

    Ally feels that everyone’s journey is unique, and should be celebrated as such! She shares yoga by openly listening to each of the bodies, minds and hearts in the room. In this way, every individual’s experience is naturally and wholly supported to the best capacity in a shared space. Adjustments & assistance are offered throughout the class, while also respecting your individual inward journey.


    Ally founded Santosha yoga space in Paddington in 2014 and has been teaching yoga and meditation regularly for 4+ years.


  • Sharon Harvey – Yoga – Brisbane

    Sharon is an ex corporate exec who worked passionately in the travel industry for 17 years. Her last full time corporate role was based in Mumbai India, which is where her love of yoga morphed from a fitness activity into so much more. Yoga provided Sharon with a sense of balance to the madness of a frenetic city and stressful job by bringing an inward serenity. It also kept her healthy, helped heal an old knee injury while strengthening and opening her body in ways she never thought possible as an adult.

    Undertaking teacher training in 2014, with Kate Pell and Dan Adler, in order to deepen her own practice with no intention of teaching; however yoga brought her such clarity of mind and energy that she was inspired to share it with others.

    Sharon’s classes include breathwork (pranayama) at the start of class to settle the mind and teaches a fluid, flowing and playful sequence with a focus on alignment and technique; careful consideration is given to the remedial benefits of the poses included within each sequence. To reap the benefits of the practice, the class ends in conscious relaxation – savasana.

    Sharon balances life as a wife and mother to three small children with yoga and continues her journey of learning with the purpose of inspiring change, one breath at a time.  Her aspiration is for people to leave class with a sense of lightness and calmness and a deeper knowledge of their body and inner Self.

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  • Tida Aroonwaow – Yoga & Mindfulness – Sydney

    Tida is a 500hr certified vinyasa yoga teacher, a long-time yoga student and Yoga Australia registered.
    She originally started practicing meditation and fell in love with the moving meditation that yoga asana gave her.

    Since this time Tida has trained with many great teachers over the years. Her style of teaching is inspired by Shiva Rea and Ana Forrest. Tida combines these two great styles; prana flow and Forrest Yoga, and introduces these to the students.

    Tida encourages her students to use the breath as a tool. The tool that connects to their bodies, deep in the spirit level, helps healing and naturing their bodies and minds. Tida always invites her students to take yoga with them off the mat and to adapt it to their own daily life. Her classes are challenging, fun, and yet nurturing for both the body & mind.

    She is very passionate about teaching yoga. For her it is to enhance opportunities to bring to others peace and happiness to the body, mind and spirit, leading to a happy life.

  • Yoga Teacher-Sydney

  • Heidi Horne – Yoga & Mindfulness – Sydney 

    Heidi loves to inspire people to live their best life in optimum health through yoga and wellness. Her yoga began practicing yoga over 25 years ago, and she has been teaching for over 10 years.

    Heidi soon realised that yoga was so much more than exercise. Through breathwork and meditation she was able to slow the monkey brain down and find balance in her busy life;  using yoga to create a strong, healthy body, as well as a calm, relaxed mind.

    She encourages others to use yoga to develop not only strength & flexibility, but also create a life that is more balanced and joyful.  She loves to provide options for poses in each class, to ensure correct alignment and a safe progression from beginners to more experienced.

    Qualifications include: Dip Yoga Teaching (1000+hours), Dip Aromatherapy, Dip Remedial Massage and Therapies and Level 1 and 2 Wellness Coaching.

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  • Nigel Mitchell – Yoga & Meditation – Sydney

    Nigel’s journey in yoga started at the age of 20 when he discovered it’s powerful healing aspects after an accident which left him in a coma, suffering amnesia and mostly immobile for six months.

    Nigel started a yoga practice to strengthen his body and along the way he discovered the power of the breath and the calming of the mind.  He has been practicing yoga ever since.

    His love of yoga comes out through his teaching style in which he shares his passion for yoga in a down to earth and practical manner with attention to physical alignment and internal awareness.

    Nigel teaches regular yoga classes at gyms and studios in the Eastern Suburbs which incorporate his knowledge of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Martial Arts movement.

    He is also Co-founder of United Nations World Yoga Day.

  • Karol Damian – Yoga & Mindfulness – Melbourne

    Yoga for Karol is  a practice that teaches everybody how to flow in life with ease, and go beyond the stories of our minds to find a sense of unity & connection with ourselves and each other.

    Karol’s exploration in yoga started over 8 years ago, and since then she has experienced different aspects of Yoga and Mindfulness all around the world (in places such as Germany, Brazil, India and Australia).

    She was inspired to leave a corporate career behind and support the fluidity of other people’s journeys through the teachings of Yoga, Tantric Philosophy and Mindfulness.

    Karol’s classes are structured as a mindful flow of movement, incorporating breathing techniques, meditation as well as physical postures that are suitable for all levels of students to relax, recharge and reconnect in-joy.

  • Renae Stevens – Yoga, Pilates and AntiGravity Master Instructor – Perth

    Renae finds her strength and creativity as a teacher from drawing from many tools and disciplines of mindful movement. Renae is recognised by Yoga Australia as a senior yoga teacher with 18 years of yoga teaching experience and is a certified level 5 AntiGravity® Master Instructor delivering education for AntiGravity® in Australia and New Zealand since 2012. Renae is also qualified as a Polestar Pilates Studio Rehab instructor and Franklin Method Educator. Her other studies include the completion of the 3 year intensive Yoga Therapy training at the Yoga Arts Academy in Melbourne, a 3 month residency circus arts training at the Beijing International School of Arts in China and Physiotherapy foundation studies in anatomy and physiology at the University of Queensland.

    Renae also holds a master’s degree in Mental Health and is a registered Art Therapist and Yoga Therapist specializing in trauma recovery. Renae completed her Masters thesis on the benefits of AntiGravity and Art Therapy for youth with PTSD. In her playtime, Renae loves acroyoga and rockclimbing as social ways to move with trust and harmony with others.

    Renae is passionate in assisting people to achieve their greatest potential and develop graceful and healthful movement.

Corporate Yoga Australia has a team of talented teachers available for classes.

We have addiiotnal teachers available in different states too depnding on timings and availability of each teacher.

All yoga instructors are experienced teachers with an excellent understanding of alignment and able to offer you classes tailored for specifically to suit your needs. Fully insured and with full first aid certificates.