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  • We provide yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops throughout Australia.

    A qualified yoga teacher can come to you workplace either before, during or after work and teach yoga sessions tailored to your requirements.

    Yoga classes can vary from energising vinyasa, to relaxing meditative classes – covering stress management and working on physical ailments specific to each class and student.

    All teachers are Yoga Australia Qualified which means that all have completed in-depth study to offer the highest Australian standard of teaching.

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    Lunchbox – 30/45 minute stretch and revive yoga

    A great lunchtime option with no sweat.

    No need to change out of your work clothes and about the same price as a sandwich!

    Enjoy a good stretch and downtime to release stress and revive yourself ready to return to work.

    Gentle movements to relieve tension and stress, relaxation, breathwork and some mindfulness to bring focus and clarity to your day. Sessions are tailored for you.


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    45- 60 – 90 minute sessions

    We come to you either before, during or after work and teach yoga sessions tailored to your workforce.

    We cutomise yoga classes specific to your workplace and desired outcomes and offer a range of yoga classes including vinyasa flow,  restorative yoga, yin yoga, alignment based yoga and yoga nidra.

    Offering advice on how to create a yoga space within your workplace we provide support along the way with regular emails and feedback forms for staff to keep employees engaged.

    Plus you have a choice of one teacher or sampling a selection of teachers each week.

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    Team building events, conferences & wellness days

    If you’re looking for something fun for the team or want to energise the participants at a conference this is a great option.

    Yoga, mindfulness and meditation break-out session(s) with the choice of reamining in work clothes and not requiring a yoga mat.

    This is an excellent one-off session or can be a great option to add to a wellness programme or simply to gauge employee interest before rolling out regular yoga sessions.


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    Private Yoga Sessions

    Gather up your workmates and start a small yoga class or also ideal for one-on-one tuition in your office or a local park.

    You receive personalised instruction that is specific to your requirements and addresses any specific needs including addressing any injuries, exploring new postures and techniques, or designing a personal practice.

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    Mindfulness & Meditation 

    Regular classes or one-off workshops to introduce mindfulness into your organisation in an easy to follow format.  

    We provide handouts to staff and regular updates providing mindfulness tips and techniques, journalling and activities to bring more mindful awareness into your day.

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    Guided Relaxation

    Rejuvenate your body and your mind without doing anything -literally!
    Yoga nidra is a guided relaxation; 30 minutes is said to be equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. It can be practiced by anyone and benefits include increased concentration, reduced stress, increased energy and the relaxation of your muscles relieves physical tightness.


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  • Corporate Massage – Regular massage sessions relieve symptomatic effects of work-related stress, improves concentration & reduces fatigue . A qualified and experienced massage therapist is available to provide seated massage to help your staff feel energised, valued and relaxed.

    We can organise massages for you at work or as part of a wellness day.

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Contact us to find out more about our selection of Classes and Workshops.

  • Teachers have completed in-depth study to offer the highest Australian standard of teaching, plus all are long-term yoga practitioners who are committed to practicing regular yoga and offering the highest quality classes. Teachers are also fully qualified, fully insured and hold a current first-aid certificate.

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  • What is Yoga?

    Yoga is approximately 5000 years old. In the western world yoga is portrayed as a purely physical exercise; however one of the reasons yoga has stood the tests of time is that it offers much more than simply a physical workout.

    The physical practice of postures (asana) that we know as yoga in the west is simply a small part of the “8 traditional limbs” of yoga.

    The other two yoga limbs that are most familiar in modern society are meditation and pranayama (breathwork). The sanskrit word for yoga means “union” – this means the integration of the body, mind and soul.

    Therefore a large emphasis is placed on the internal mind with roots deeply entrenched in philosophy and yoga not only strengthens the physical body but it also encourages self-reflection and a more positive view of the world.

    Download: What is Yoga?

  • What is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is being introduced with far reaching benefits by a large range of organisations.
    We offer mindfulness workshops to your employees to help your workplace be more creative, energised and productive.


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